Beautiful Ugly

Beautiful Ugly
Marble isn’t the old-fashioned material known from the past anymore. Where you at first thought of Ancient bathrooms fully decorated with too much marble and robust fireplaces, you know see it everywhere in the newest creative forms and designs. A material with a somewhat corny character is now increasingly to be seen in the latest trends. In this photo series I wanted to visualize this change in valuation. I first of all dived into the material, seeing so much beauty in a detail that even seems to have a life on its own. When the series continues, it will transform to its newest shape seen in wallpaper and even textiles. ‘Beautiful Ugly’, despite of its well-known character still a wonderful material.

End production for my internship at

Concept, production and styling | Natascha Hoogstraten
Photography | Judith Rietveld
Model | Karen Jessica Nastalim