Revisited is a brand that re-uses vintage pieces to creates something new. They love the story behind every product they work with. Revisited is known for their great appreciation for imperfection. For this project I collaborated with Britt Berden. We based our project on their reusing aspect, give something old a new breath of fresh air. We decided to dip wooden pieces, to refer back to a technique Revisited is familiar with while making clothes. The chosen color matches with one of their collections. Each collection can be identified by a certain color range. Eventually, there are very simple displays. However, it really fits Revisited, which stands for purity, simplicity, and honesty.

The system I created for Revisited was an individual project. I based this system on the typical room dividers you’ll see a lot in hipster culture, the main target group for Revisited. I did want to continue with reusing old materials by giving them a second life. This material became an old door, used for room dividers a lot. I gave it a new twist to use it in multiple ways, in free spaces and to the walls.